The Lion King - 98° "Circle of Life" Behind the Scenes

  • Published: 24 August 2017
  • Prepare yourself for the greatest 90s mashup as we take you behind the scenes with 98 Degrees to hear what they have to say about working on Disney's The Lion King “Circle of Life.”

    The Lion King (2017)
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    The Lion King Roars To Its Rightful Place In The Walt Disney Signature Collection. Celebrate the glory of The Lion King as this magnificent coming-of-age masterpiece takes its rightful place as the reigning star of the acclaimed Walt Disney Signature Collection! With humor and heart, breathtaking animation, soul-stirring Academy Award®–winning music*, and revealing new Bonus Extras, this much-beloved story transports you to the Pride Lands and inspires generations of fans to find their places in the “Circle Of Life”. Create memories that will transcend time with Disney’s The Lion King—a treasured classic that belongs in every family’s collection!
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  • Percyplunge
    Percyplunge  1 years back

    I remember disney releasing the full music video and it got removed few days later. Wonder why? Are they going to put it in the live action version?

    • ꧁ꦂVampire꧂
      ꧁ꦂVampire꧂  2 years back


      • ꧁ꦂVampire꧂
        ꧁ꦂVampire꧂  2 years back

        mickey the haunted house is a creppypasta?

        • rupert parkin
          rupert parkin  2 years back

          theyre all so young and then the guy in the blue shirt is like theyre proud dad-

          • lenalikesfall
            lenalikesfall  2 years back

            Sounds great!! I love this version’s “Circle of Life”. Will it release the full version???

            • Tyler Kennedy
              Tyler Kennedy  2 years back

              Is 98 Degrees's take on the Circle of Life gonna be in the live action film?

              • EmmanuelleLunada2010
                EmmanuelleLunada2010  2 years back

                Nick Lachey is so damn likable. He seems like the nicest, warmest guy ever.

                • Sigbjørn H.E
                  Sigbjørn H.E  2 years back

                  what the fuck is this gay shit

                  • Beiland Beiland
                    Beiland Beiland  2 years back

                    Fantastico 😍

                    • natascia brighi
                      natascia brighi  2 years back


                      • natascia brighi
                        natascia brighi  2 years back


                        • onmas909
                          onmas909  2 years back

                          LOL Who else is here under 10,000 views??

                          • Geoanne Bilgera
                            Geoanne Bilgera  2 years back

                            OMG 98° 😭😭😭👏👏👏

                            • Ultm Ross
                              Ultm Ross  2 years back

                              So Exciting!!! 🦁

                              • chrisgoes bleh
                                chrisgoes bleh  2 years back

                                post the trailer already!

                                • ShadowKillz
                                  ShadowKillz  2 years back

                                  chrisgoes bleh the movie is going to be released in 2019 so the trailer will be out by November/ December of 2018

                                • chrisgoes bleh
                                  chrisgoes bleh  2 years back

                                  no no, post the trailer for the new live action lion king

                                • tanner moore
                                  tanner moore  2 years back

                                  chrisgoes bleh the movie is over 20 years old google the trailer

                              • Martine Whitear
                                Martine Whitear  2 years back


                                • Franzoi Drawings
                                  Franzoi Drawings  2 years back


                                  • Rootin Tootin Putin
                                    Rootin Tootin Putin  2 years back

                                    My nan is a table cloth.

                                    • McDumDum
                                      McDumDum  2 years back

                                      When is the wuzzles remake coming out?

                                      • piedathemokona
                                        piedathemokona  2 years back

                                        They did True to Your Heart and now they're doing Lion King, amazing

                                        • Tanush Duggisani
                                          Tanush Duggisani  2 years back


                                          • Holly.x
                                            Holly.x  2 years back

                                            Third :)

                                            • Azalea
                                              Azalea  2 years back


                                              • Elizabeth La rosa
                                                Elizabeth La rosa  2 years back

                                                First comment