The Wild Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Twist Explained

  • Published: 14 May 2019
  • Daenerys Targaryen is known by many titles, and on the latest episode of Game of Thrones, she gained another one, a name she insisted she would never take on, as long as she could help it. Here's how the twist went down and what it all means.

    Daenerys admits she has only known fear in Westeros, not the love that her nephew, boyfriend, and potentially rival claimant to the Iron Throne Jon Snow has come to receive. This realization, combined with her newfound knowledge that her Master of Whisperers Varys committed treason against her in shifting his loyalty to Jon, plus the recent death of her trusted adviser Missandei, pushes Daenerys past her breaking point.

    The Mother of Dragons dives head-first into the madness that her father, the so-called "Mad King," suffered when he sat on the Iron Throne amidst Robert's Rebellion. In Episode 5, Dany became "The Mad Queen," destroying King's Landing and killing thousands of innocent men, women, and children on her mission to unseat Cersei Lannister and take the Iron Throne herself.

    Dany time and again has stated that she's not a carbon copy of her father, and she wouldn't make the same mistakes he did.

    But that's exactly what wound up happening during this latest episode, in a moment many viewers felt was a wild twist. However, in the eyes of Game of Thrones showrunners, Daenerys going mad wasn't exactly a big shock.

    David Benioff and Dan Weiss explained during the show's "Inside the Episode" featurette that Thrones had long foreshadowed Dany's spiraling into instability, and that there are plenty of clues sprinkled throughout past seasons that signaled this dark turn would happen eventually.

    One such clue is the death of Daenerys' brother, Viserys, back in Season 1. Dany didn't second-guess her decision to have Khal Drogo pour molten gold over Viserys' head and refused to look away when the deed was carried out, wanting to watch him suffer through the pain.

    Daenerys has a history of killing, or ordering others to kill on her behalf, and exhibiting no signs of hesitancy or remorse. She burnt a witch alive and almost relished in her cries; she sentenced people to die in a vault and didn't think twice. Daenerys also burnt a slave-owner alive and was thrilled to do it. She gave a chilling speech about how she deserved to rule just before she burnt a horde of Dothraki warlords to death. And who could forget her ruthless flaming of Samwell Tarly's brother and father, plus her execution of Varys that came at the top of this very episode?

    The series has shown time and time again that Daenerys isn't afraid of doling out death sentences, and she's been pretty clear about her intentions from the start.

    But that attitude contrasts harshly to the other side of her personality, the side that frees wrongfully enslaved people, liberates cities, and promises to "break the wheel" of oppression instead of simply taking her own turn as the person in charge. Dany turning into the person she said she would never become, the woman who strikes fear in the hearts of the Westerosi people, the Queen of the Ashes, the spitting image of her father, was shocking to behold even if there were some breadcrumbs leading up to the snapping point.

    Dan Weiss has said he doesn't feel that Daenerys always intended to burn King's Landing and its citizens to a crisp, though there was a lot of build-up that would show cause for her doing so. Rather, Weiss noted that Dany decided to take that course of action the moment she arrived in the capital city.

    Benioff added that Daenerys may never have become the Mad Queen if her journey to the Iron Throne had played out differently.

    Unfortunately, this side of Daenerys Targaryen did come out, and it will probably be her undoing. It's tough to imagine the people of Westeros rallying behind Daenerys after she needlessly murdered thousands of people via dragon fire and decimated the capital. Now that she's gone full Mad Queen, Dany likely can't go back to the person she used to be. Her dream to sit on the Iron Throne may never come true, despite her greatest enemy, Cersei, dying in the chaos of the siege and Jon constantly saying he will always support Dany.

    It will be an intense fight to the finish during the final episode of Game of Thrones. As Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke told The Hollywood Reporter,

    "It's the car crash of every emotion you can possibly imagine. It's like a nuclear bomb."
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  • Aulis Rintala
    Aulis Rintala  3 weeks back

    All the signs were there, even if people still dont believe. The very first lesson we learn in GOT was: "He who passes the sentence should swing the sword". Daenerys never does this, but passes the most sentences throughout the 8 seasons. The genre of this has always been tragedy and greatest of them all is a good characters downfall.

    Yes, she was a liberator and a breaker of chains. But coming to Westeros she always was coming as a conqueror and having a vendetta of her own. The only moral justification being a dubious birthright entitlement, "because it belongs to me". She had a "good story", people (both fictional and real life) fell in love and were ready to follow. I think this is the whole point of her story. This is how real life tragedies happen, leaders have "good stories" and justifications for their wars (its "for the greater good") and people fall in love. And in the end can't believe what happened (holocaust denial).

    • Liem Liam
      Liem Liam  3 weeks back

      “We will not burn Kings Landing,“ “I will not be Queen of the ashes,” “My father was an evil man. On behalf of House Targaryen, I ask for forgiveness for the crimes he committed against your family. And I ask you not to judge a daughter by the sins of her father.”

      Within 1 episode season 8 Daenery’s turns “evil” “mad” whatever you want to call it.

      The Night King, White Walkers, Army the Dead built up for 7 seasons to be this supernatural, mythical, unstoppable foe, who doesn’t negotiate, who doesn’t tire, but to die after 1 engagement!

      Season 8 rushed and ruined!! All because D & D wanted to quickly wrap it up, get paid a shed more doing Star Wars. HBO had the budget & the actors wanted another season.

      If only Season 8 would be about the War with the Night King, White Walkers and Army of the Dead. Then Season 9 about the war with House Lannister, Cersi’s scheming, political machinations, Daenery’s eventual turning to the dark side. More intelligent dialogue & screen time with the two Queens facing off one another would of been magnificent! This would have been the real pace, story telling & character arcs as all the epic seasons 1 to 7 have been. 😰.

      Oh well, once George R R Martin decides to complete his books, we will be able to see the real ending & maybe a future remake.

      I am looking forward the the prequel set 5000 years before GOT, during the Children of the Forest, the First Men & the origins of the White Walkers. Filming has begun!

      • Solenya
        Solenya  3 weeks back

        Season 1-4 10/10 perfect. The world is fd up. Villains can defeat heroes. No one is safe. Alexander the Great. Genghis Khan and many evil tyrants lived great lives and this show portrayed similar character to these real life ppl

        Season 5 6.5/10 okay got dull.

        Season 6-7 6/10 good guy always wins and Disney Romance. Everyone skipping rainbows and basic ass ppl happy about a show that became very simple to understand. Watch Rick and Morty Vindicators episodes where Rick says everyone always wants to the good guy to win because theyre idiots

        Season 8 6.69/10 tried to go back to its roots and people got upset. Ep 6 was horrible. Bran sucks. Night king defeated too easily. But good ideas and wasnt predictable to the simple minded aka general audience. Number 1 issue was development of mad queen because of 6 eps she went 0 to 100 shouldve been progressive. Cersei death shouldve been more satisfying. It made sense tho it just need more details and explanation which would have worked with 13+ episodes instead of 6. Flawed but better than season 5-7

        • aaronsande
          aaronsande  4 weeks back

          Fucking babies, I swear. You crybabies ruin everything. Her madness is wholly explicable and telegraphed. All of this was clearly coming.

          • Ness Plays
            Ness Plays  4 weeks back

            Not a twist she obviously had air pods in when the bells rang

            • austin roach
              austin roach  4 weeks back

              She was always aggressive but only to the specific people who deserved it not thousands of innocent fucking lives.

              • Daniel Dickinson
                Daniel Dickinson  4 weeks back

                It still didn't make sense, because Foreshadowing does not constitute character development. How hard is that to understand!?

                • COTTERO
                  COTTERO  4 weeks back

                  Stop explaining plain stupidity.

                  • Muumi Peikko
                    Muumi Peikko  4 weeks back

                    The only twist in season 8 has been how terribly horrendous it has been

                    • dAnika Shift
                      dAnika Shift  4 weeks back

                      I think Mad Queen will Die😢 Next Season

                      • Local  Militia
                        Local Militia  4 weeks back

                        you dont need 5 minutes to try to explain this episode. it was shit and even one of the writers admitted it in an let me save the views 5 mins of their life: it was DOGSHIT. Shit from a Dog. DOGSHIT. GGWP HBO

                        • Yander Dreams
                          Yander Dreams  4 weeks back

                          Thats what we need to do to whites for peace

                          • Richie LaSalle
                            Richie LaSalle  4 weeks back

                            Good video
                            Here’s something I haven’t heard too much about but I think Jamie Lannister dog Brianne pregnant and that will come out in episode six

                            • Lil Grizly
                              Lil Grizly  4 weeks back

                              Mad Queen or the Queen of Ashes?

                              • Its_derk
                                Its_derk  4 weeks back

                                The only reason why this season is becuase it was rushed. Honestly there should have been a few more plots (character plots) added that took place between both both battles.

                                • pdxmomx3
                                  pdxmomx3  4 weeks back

                                  I wanted Dany to kill Cersei face-to-face, or by burning her alive.

                                  • Mattias Andersson
                                    Mattias Andersson  4 weeks back

                                    All Jon had to do was to put out, then dragon queen wouldn’t go craycray

                                    • J Gunzler
                                      J Gunzler  4 weeks back

                                      You’re looking at it all wrong. I’ve been saying this for a while now. It’s not just that they have foreshadowed Danny becoming the mad queen, that’s always just been her potential character arch. The real foreshadowing has been the imminent destruction of Kings Landing (and possibly the rest of Westeros) because that has always been Danny’s destiny. It was never to sit on the iron throne and rule the 7 kingdoms. The Azor Ahi prophecy pertains to her (AND Jon also possibly). Drogon is her flaming sword “Light Bringer” in the prophecy. All of the now dead citizens of Kings Landing are the sacrifices to the Lord of Light. Breaking the wheel means Bringing the dawn. If ya go back and rewatch the entire series, you’ll notice that the writers have been pretty much beating us over the head with hints that this is what will happen to Kings Landing. I like to think that this has been the writers plan for Danny all along.

                                      • Alcathous
                                        Alcathous  4 weeks back

                                        2:55 lol Look at how Jorah looks when Dany gives that hateful aggressive speech. What season was that? Clearly, all these actors were told "Look as if she is evil" yet some of the audience claims they didn't realize until the end and therefore it was out of character and thus bad writing.

                                        • Kampsy
                                          Kampsy  1 months back

                                          Lol why are people so surprised about her going mad. It’s the people who love happy fairytale endings and the ones who named their kids Daenerys and got tattoos of Daenerys that are mad 😂

                                          It all made sense to me

                                          • Zrugenmaster
                                            Zrugenmaster  1 months back

                                            she didn't go mad, she was just mad. She has been ruthless since momoa doggystyled her

                                            • Puritania
                                              Puritania  1 months back

                                              Dany is clearly a metaphor of feminazism..sure it looks like a great idea at first..but then when the hormones start to kick will burn society to ashes

                                              • xaph212
                                                xaph212  1 months back

                                                Her new title is "Daenerys, of the house Alzheimer, the Forgetful of her name, the Amnesiac one, Queen of failing to remember, the lost memories and the lobotomy, Queen of no recollection and lack of remembrance, Protector of the Amnesiacs, Lady Regent of kinda forgetting, Breaker of memories and mother of Alzheimer patients."

                                                • Arvin C
                                                  Arvin C  1 months back

                                                  My OPINION on episode 5: I think Dany did this because she realized what will happen next when she heard the bells. She knows that she cannot keep the secret birthright of jon snow just by executing Varys. She's an outsider so she knows people will go with Jon Snow. So at this point, she has two options. Kill Jon to reserve her seat to the iron throne or concedes to give way to Jon. She loves Jon too much and she knows she cannot stomach killing him. While She's been through so much, fighting for this throne. She cannot just give it up. What we did not expect is she'll go to the diabolical option. So she went to killing the people instead. Now, she doesnt have to kill jon and she doesnt have to give up her seat hahaha we can compare her battle with sansa to the battle of lines between littlefinger and cersei in season one: littlefinger (sansa) told cersei knowledge is power but cersei (dany) showed him power is power. Now, dany just showed the people that they cannot rebel now that they know how powerful she is. But let's see, Valar Morghulis.

                                                  • NICØ
                                                    NICØ  1 months back

                                                    i'm not that mad about dany becoming crazy, it just all felt too rushed. like, maybe they could've made this final season a tad longer?

                                                    • Antonio Mendes
                                                      Antonio Mendes  1 months back

                                                      Looper has 0 integrity. Why won't mainstream channels just this show on its bullshit!?l

                                                      • Mike Vizioz
                                                        Mike Vizioz  1 months back

                                                        People can't be pissed at Dany turning out to be the final bad buy...all previous seasons clearly indicated she would be. Considering what she has done in the past, it is impossible for her to turn out to be anything but a bad guy. If she had been one of the good guys, she would have stayed in Essos and not tried to capture the iron throne to which she had no moral claim.

                                                        • Isaac Mzt
                                                          Isaac Mzt  1 months back

                                                          Ffs everyone, give FICTION a break!! Everyone here acting dissapointed because she did something inhuman!! Well she isnt human! Shes a magical fireproof heir to a kindom lost by her family via treason!.. Shes been sold, abused by family and foes, raped, survived multiple assasination attempts, mother of 3 magical beings, 2two of wich didnt just die, one came back and tried to roast her ass (Not traumatizing at all!) Shes lost thousands of Dothraki loyal to her in ways never before seen, half of the unsullied army gone, lost Jorah whom she loved, saw her best friend get her head chopped off and now, when shes most vulnerable and alone, she loses her lover/nephew!!.. Losing Jon is not just a breakup, hes the damn rightful heir to the throne shes been fighting for ALL HER LIFE! Tell me thats not enough for any human (and magic ones too) to SNAP TFU!! If theres a moment to snap, that is it!! I just think that since shes not just not human, shes Targaryen who already believe are superior to the rest of their world, we cant expect this medieval, magical mother of friggin dragons to have the same morals we have.. What she did is fuc*d up yes! Lol!, But shes was in unimaginable pain, felt betrayed by everyone, won & lost it all, and was sitting on a giant dragon.... Let it be fear! ;)

                                                          • Brian Baratheon
                                                            Brian Baratheon  1 months back

                                                            *THE KHALEESI DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!*

                                                            • Anastasia Zoldak
                                                              Anastasia Zoldak  1 months back

                                                              The twist is bad writing! Let’s rewrite the characters so we can finish the story fast!

                                                              • M P
                                                                M P  4 weeks back

                                                                How many times does she have to run around screaming "I will burn cities to the ground!" before people aren't shocked at her burning cities to the ground?

                                                            • ZekeMagnum
                                                              ZekeMagnum  1 months back

                                                              Cersei's death pissed me off. All these years and that is how she dies?! ffs

                                                              • Rich 91
                                                                Rich 91  1 months back

                                                                Burn them all

                                                                • Eamonn Moroney
                                                                  Eamonn Moroney  1 months back

                                                                  Not just thousands of people. The population of King's Landing is supposed to be close to a million, and all the surrounding towns and villages had been evacuated to inside the city walls before Daenerys' forces arrived south. So Daenerys probably killed the most people in Westerosi history in one day at least.

                                                                  • Mister Biggs
                                                                    Mister Biggs  1 months back

                                                                    Her best friend was about to be beheaded for nothing and her last word was "dracaris(sp)." That is why she burned the city. That's what Missandra(sp) wanted.

                                                                    • Emily Amaro
                                                                      Emily Amaro  1 months back

                                                                      Contrast Dany with Robb. A REAL moral military leader, who fell in love with a low-born, foreign nurse, that never let him forget the human cost of his war. Dany spends her time with a killer who she started dating because he brought her severed heads of her enemies. Hm. Imagine how Talisa would respond to the way Dany acts, executes, tries to rule, etc.? We can argue Robb and Talisa weren't strategic enough, but they were clearly morally upright characters we could identify as being humane and just. They are one of the few moral compasses given to us in the show. Robb was certainly mistaken in marrying her, or at least not knowing the broken pact would lead to severe consequences, but as a military leader he was unparalleled. Its precisely this humility and humanity that made him both loved and generally successful. Contrast Robb's reasoning and speeches for war (independence and justice for his family) with Dany's monologues about what she feels entitled to adn who owes her loyalty. The genuine love Robb had as a leader is something Dany can never have in Westeros, because she is not humble and refuses opportunities for humility. She only wants to be the Savior Queen, not actually do the hard work to truly embody that concept. Robb's downfall in punishing the Karstark's for executing prisoners of war was not a morally wrong decision, but, it contrasts greatly with Dany's methods and mentality regarding POW's, which are morally wrong. (Both in Westeros and in our world, Dany has long been a war criminal that violates the rules of engagement.) It was the beginning of Robb's downfall. It's him being so successful as a commander and NOT as a politician, that leads to the subterfuge that assassinated him. Dany and Robb are great foils, and in terms of their arc I think it proves from the start that Dany was always doomed to fall into a similar fate, dying at the hands of subtle political machinations because of who she chooses to love and who she chooses to execute.

                                                                      • Patrick Greenwalt
                                                                        Patrick Greenwalt  1 months back

                                                                        I think hearing the writers’ explanation makes me more upset about this. Dang destroying the Red Keep makes sense but targeting the whole city was not foreshadowed at all. The writers butchered this character and honestly the last two seasons.

                                                                        • M P
                                                                          M P  4 weeks back

                                                                          Anytime she was denied anything she desired :

                                                                          "I will burn cities to the ground!"
                                                                          "I will take what is mine, with Fire and Blood.....I will take it!"
                                                                          "I will lay waste to armies!"

                                                                          About a dozen times since season 2.

                                                                          Yeah, totally no indications 🙄

                                                                      • brunocerny
                                                                        brunocerny  1 months back

                                                                        I think beside the writers/showrunners, a lot of blame is on the director (the same guy from battle of the bastards.. - Miguel Sapochnik) .. the direction in the middle of the episode felt like he wanted to direct a horror movie , not a serial. there was no need for 20min dead walkers chasing Arya in the library-pointless, also in the underground tunnel. we get it, people were scared , we get that emotion from one short scene, not 20min of showing fear in their faces. i felt bored during the whole episode even thought it was supposed to be the greatest battle of all times.
                                                                        same with the bells - the point of showing 30min of Dany burning and people running and being scared and dying - just made it pointless. we get it, she got mad Queen, but they wanted to show her as sadistic. because before, when she killed anyone we all felt like they deserved that, viewers were her fans, so they never thought of her being the bad guy, even though she killed people (like the Tarlies). So they needed to make viewers disgusted by her, but sorry , you cant do that in one episode - thats why most people cant cope with how much it doesnt make sense. especially with the bells ringing. i would agree that if she started the burn before with the ships and then just went on to the city burning the army, and then the RedKeep at the end, it would have been much better (without the bells and the the whole surrender thing)...
                                                                        on the other hand, there is the theory that Varys could have poisoned her so she wasnt in her sane mind, lets see...

                                                                        • WheelBite
                                                                          WheelBite  1 months back

                                                                          I guess i made a good decision when i stopped watching the show in the middle of season 6

                                                                          • sidney41
                                                                            sidney41  1 months back

                                                                            i'll just pretend that the night king killed everyone in episode 3 and thats it

                                                                            • Loretta Bell
                                                                              Loretta Bell  1 months back

                                                                              I knew she was going to become the mad queen, but damn, still hurts

                                                                              • Jay B
                                                                                Jay B  1 months back

                                                                                What I learnt is that She did not gain anything. Looses more and more (children and friends) for other people and not getting anything back. Just a knife in the heart. What a disaster. She lost everyone.
                                                                                But damn she lost another dragon because of Cersei. She went to Kings Landing and saw her best friend decapitated. Everyone would have done the same.
                                                                                People of Kings Landing didn't like her anyway ahahah.

                                                                                • 54markl
                                                                                  54markl  1 months back

                                                                                  Let’s see, Dany killed 100,000 people just now? America killed 100,000 people with the Atomic Bomb that they dropped on Hiroshima. Dany is going to be punished for her war crime. America was Not punished for its war crime, nor will it be. Because Reality is far more Ugly, Evil, and Unjust than anything that George Martin can dream up!

                                                                                  • bloede dh'oine
                                                                                    bloede dh'oine  1 months back

                                                                                    "wrongfully enslaved people" ...As opposed to the rightfully enslaved ones?

                                                                                    • Dank Donuts
                                                                                      Dank Donuts  1 months back

                                                                                      if bran ends up on the throne im gonna flip shit

                                                                                      • djsosonut
                                                                                        djsosonut  1 months back

                                                                                        This video highlighting the questionable things that Dany has done without giving context for the events that lead up to it is.....yeah. Watched coldly as her brother was killed. Why? He threaten to cut her unborn child from her stomach. Burnt a witch. Why? She just killed her husband and cursed/killed her unborn child. That is multifaceted storytelling. That's what was thrown away in 8x5. This isn't a natural progression. It's character assassination.

                                                                                        I'd feel just as betrayed if they had Cersei give birth to her child then bash it's head against a wall because Jaime left her. "It's supported cause Cersei is ruthless." "Cersei has ordered the death of children before." "Cersei has abused her children's position for power." "This ruthlessness is just an natural development of her character." No it wouldn't be. It would go against or the core traits of Cersei. She's ruthless yes. But she loves her children. Having her kill her child would be a betrayal of everything that defines her and makes her a complex character. It's the same with this turn by Dany.

                                                                                        Season 8 is like I've watched a chef come out of the back room to put the finishing touches on a a multilayered cake. Everyone has slaved to get it to be moist and delicious. Each smell a delight to the senses. Watched that chef mixed the icing and trim, decorated it with edible roses, put sprinkles on it....then sprayed a mosaic of diarrhea all over it before serving it to everyone. Then just staring at everyone with a big smile expecting them to dig in. The vast majority of the people that saw this happen are appalled. Except for few tables that stand up and start clapping, "Brilliant. Of course course it was going to turn out this way. Didn't you see him step out of the back room? That was the toilet! Bravo!"

                                                                                        • Perry Balou
                                                                                          Perry Balou  1 months back

                                                                                          People have forgotten how ruthless Daenerys Targaryen can be. It's really a trap because you see this beautiful young woman that can do no wrong. S8E5 opened up everyone's eyes to the real Dany. As someone once said, acorns don't fall too far from the tree.

                                                                                          • petersaturday
                                                                                            petersaturday  1 months back

                                                                                            I like the idea of her becoming the mad queen, however the execution of heR breaking point was extremely poorly executed and rushed. I also think she could have become the mad queen without exterminating hordes upon hordes of innocent villagers, many poor and already suffering under Sersi and many children. NOT believable, her targeting Sersi and her crew and severely making them pay the price, even torturing them in terrible ways would have made sense and been more dramatic. Also the Night King and the White walkers were the most disappointing nothing burger villains I've ever seen, what a sad waste of what could have been an intriguing story behind their motives etc. Major disappointment, reminds me so far of the last season of LOST.

                                                                                            • 54markl
                                                                                              54markl  1 months back

                                                                                              “Aw, what’s the matter, Private Dany, didn’t your parents love you when you were a child?” The horror. The horror.