Game of Thrones - Season 8 Review


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  • harshal salunke
    harshal salunke  2 hours back

    Game of thrones starting season -😍😍✌

    Got last season-💩💩💩

    • Shelly Augustin
      Shelly Augustin  5 hours back

      Over all it’s a horrible season. I was very disappointed

      • Jacob B
        Jacob B  6 hours back

        Dany torching Kings Landing and her sudden descent into madness could have made perfect sense without altering the show at all through episode 5 if episode 6 had gone in the opposite direction and revealed that Bran/three-eyed Raven is evil and made her do it, and the Knight King was actually created to stop it and they ended up having to make a new Knight King to kill Bran.

        • Gina Greenbeck
          Gina Greenbeck  7 hours back

          It sucked

          • WoodyTables
            WoodyTables  11 hours back

            Nooooooo!! I promised I wouldn't watch another review of the GOT train wreak! Damn it I'm weak 😭
            How am I not over this

            • Mattallica13526
              Mattallica13526  22 hours back

              ugh arya is terrible dude. people that fanboy over her make me sick, and honestly are the reason the show went to shit

              • MeowthDatsRight
                MeowthDatsRight  1 days back

                I TOTALLY know how it feels to put off watching GoT for the entirety of its running time, and tune out every single person in your life while they passionately discuss the latest episode. The weekend of the finale was when i decided to finally sit down and watch this show. Holy shit, the binge was intense. I loved it so much. I won’t shit on S8 as much as everyone else does but i understand why they’re flipping out. It was a rush job and that’s a shame.
                I agree with everything you’re saying 100%, it’s actually uncanny lol

                AND YES!!!! Brienne getting knighted was the only time i actually cried during the whole damn thing. I loved that scene so much. It was touching.

                • Athena Jaxon
                  Athena Jaxon  1 days back

                  I also binge watched in like a month so maybe that's why I didn't care as much that the ending wasn't great

                  • Shaun Myers
                    Shaun Myers  1 days back

                    Yup. Agree. Nothing else to say.

                    • Scott Fitzpatrick
                      Scott Fitzpatrick  1 days back

                      I am glad the show had an end but it went out pretty badly. Major plot holes and character twists that made no sense and really mediocre generic writing after spending so many seasons masterly crafting such complex characters. I hate that they rushed to an ending just to get to their next project and the fact that the show past the books became so awful really underscores how terrible the writers are when they needed to use their own material. But coming from a firefly fan at least it had an ending

                      • chakatiim7
                        chakatiim7  1 days back

                        dam get to the point

                        • iknow thisone
                          iknow thisone  1 days back

                          didnt like your review. plz reshoot it.

                          • Nickelbackist meinLeben

                            How would you describe the season in one word? *garbage*

                            • Nepu-Tech USA
                              Nepu-Tech USA  2 days back

                              STOP with the Godamn Raid Shadow Legends is on every FUCKING Channel and all it is is another shitty game that makes you gamble with Loot boxes called "Crystals". Have some integrity and don't sponsor Loot Boxes!

                              • Donovan
                                Donovan  2 days back

                                No one understands "Subverting Expectations" where the unexpected happens. GOT would have been even greater had Tony Stark's Iron man shown up and killed Cersei Lannister & Daenerys Targaryen. No one would expect that at all with masterful "Subverting Expectations". .... /s

                                • Argenis Barrales
                                  Argenis Barrales  2 days back

                                  I love your attitude on TV shows

                                  • MrYexas
                                    MrYexas  2 days back

                                    That's funny I hate that 3 eye raven stuff 2

                                    • Tibor Magyar
                                      Tibor Magyar  2 days back

                                      Actually how on earth lived outside of GoT if you work as a critic? How many spoilers did just run at?

                                      • Tibor Magyar
                                        Tibor Magyar  2 days back

                                        Well, I binged seven season under seven nights. :p

                                        • FokezGamez
                                          FokezGamez  2 days back

                                          Stupid ad

                                          • Valentin Rodin
                                            Valentin Rodin  2 days back

                                            Boooring... read the book up to third book

                                            • brian milligan
                                              brian milligan  2 days back

                                              Oh it felt rushed? The only other person who described S8 that way is fucking everybody. This is what happens when just any cunt can have a TV channel. Arya learns to be " someone of many faces?" "She can imitate people?" "She steals faces?" " Shes like Ethan Hunt?" Are you fucking kidding me ? Read the books or watch the show again. You don't know shit.

                                              • trautsj
                                                trautsj  3 days back

                                                I NEVER HAVE ANY EXPECTATIONS for a show beyond it having good, coherent writing. GoT failed miserably on this front.

                                                • Melody Baby
                                                  Melody Baby  3 days back

                                                  Bran makes sense because he doesn't have any emotional connections to anything so we don't have to worry about him being selfish or power hungry.

                                                  • Nicole C
                                                    Nicole C  3 days back

                                                    This is the plainest I've ever seen the background

                                                    • A very Nice guy
                                                      A very Nice guy  3 days back

                                                      Bran: I can’t be lord of anything...
                                                      Lords of Westeros: what about king?
                                                      Bran: SHIT NEGRO THATS ALL YOU HAD TO SAY!

                                                      • Whi te
                                                        Whi te  3 days back

                                                        If you really think about it, Bran is kind of a master villain.

                                                        • Ezekiel Barton
                                                          Ezekiel Barton  4 days back

                                                          What did you think of the Hound?

                                                          • Symbiote Sam
                                                            Symbiote Sam  4 days back

                                                            They subverted expectations. Didn't you know that's the new thing Hollywood is pushing.

                                                            • Justin Pappagallo
                                                              Justin Pappagallo  4 days back

                                                              wait so what grade did he give it? someone pls tell me

                                                              • kingkusnacht
                                                                kingkusnacht  5 days back

                                                                Sorry, but Stuckmann's way of thinking in regards to TV shows in general is very flawed. He says that he would usually only watch a tv show after the entire show is out and he knows the ending is worthwhile. I'm just saying that if everybody would think that way, no show would have more than a single episode. Sure, a bad finale sucks, but that doesn't make the great things along the way worse. They stay great. Just like a bad Star Wars movie or a bad marvel movie doesn't hurt the previous ones.

                                                                • StolenEyes
                                                                  StolenEyes  5 days back

                                                                  I stopped watching your video after five minutes when you mentioned the spoilers. Like you I have never seen the series, despite a lot of my friends watching it and loving it. I have been meaning to watch it, but I’m now very wary after the huge outpouring of criticism towards the final season.

                                                                  • Gary King
                                                                    Gary King  5 days back

                                                                    PSA: Nobody cared about your imaginary remake petitions and boycotts.

                                                                    • OhFuji
                                                                      OhFuji  5 days back

                                                                      i really liked where the night king story was going. i was so pissed off at episode 3. i was like. thats it? so disappointing. and the rest is just trash. episode 1 and 2 could of been 1 long episode tbf. to rushed awful writing

                                                                      • fiimell
                                                                        fiimell  6 days back

                                                                        I agree, Bran could be murdered in the first episode when he felt from the window. But no, they needed him to ruin my serie.

                                                                        • Oh Lawd
                                                                          Oh Lawd  6 days back

                                                                          I'm not angry that she burnt down "King's Landing" though. Innocent people? There's hardly any in GoT. 😂

                                                                          • Ross Reed
                                                                            Ross Reed  6 days back

                                                                            Eh writing not so much

                                                                            • Conscious Being
                                                                              Conscious Being  6 days back

                                                                              How does one satisfactorily end a show where the principal antagonist is a Machiavellian psychopath/sociopath whose evil nature was there for any smart one to see, but had a huge fan following among the retarded viewers of the show, especially when the books' author demands this character will die at the hands of the good natured, but rather dumb, protagonist, who is in love with her?

                                                                              For this rather dumb protagonist to recognise the woman she loves is evil and must be stopped, it has to come in way no other explanation is possible and has to be sudden or he would have fallen out of love long before he would have killed her. Moreover, Machiavellian psychopaths/sociopaths revealing their nature slowly is a contradiction and doing so would ruin the character.

                                                                              If the writers didn't mind ruining the Machiavellian nature of the character and revealed her slowly engaging in openly evil actions of increasing scale, culminating in the massacre of the people of King's Landing, would her end have been satisfactory? Convincing? Yes. Satisfactory? No. Why does the show need two antagonists, both women and one golden haired and one silver haired? More over, will those who didn't realise the evil nature of Daenerys, before the show started throwing in openly evil actions to justify her end, have accepted the change in her behaviour as justified? Not likely. They would have declared the character and show ruined and checked out, probably hurting the show's revenues. So slowly revealing the evil nature of Daenerys in a way most viewers, dumb or smart, would understand, was not really a sound financial decision.

                                                                              So the show runners had exactly two options 1. Leave unambiguously revealing Daenerys as a psychopath till the last season or 2. Show her as a reformed sociopath, reformed by finding love and security, but _sacrificing_ her life at Jon's hand to save the realm.

                                                                              They chose the first option. But that also meant downgrading the other antagonists, the Night King and Cersei. Having a satisfying and climactic finish either for the Night King or Cersei, especially the latter, would make revealing Daenerys as the psychopath that needed to be stopped too overwhelming for the audience. But that, downgrading the other antagonists, also means ruining the show entirely. So in order to preserve the nature of one character, Daenerys Targeryan, the writers ruined the entire last season.

                                                                              Could they have saved it, had they chosen the other option, reformed sociopath sacrificing herself to die at the hands of her lover to save the realm, for Daenerys Targeryan?


                                                                              • Conscious Being
                                                                                Conscious Being  4 days back

                                                                                ...Contd 3

                                                                                Before venturing into how the situation could be engineered, it is time to look at Tyrion since the time he met Daenerys. Many claim the character has been portrayed as dumb since then. While it is true that he has been portrayed as practically retarded in Season 8, in which almost all characters with the exception of Daenerys have been butchered, it is not true till the end of Season 7.

                                                                                What if Tyrion pegged Daenerys as the megalomaniacal psychopath right in the first conversation he had with her? Should he have left her, knowing she has her sights on Westeros or should he have continued to be with her and advise her in way as to appeal to what she cares about, but serves Westeros as well? It wasn't really much of a choice.

                                                                                He knows she is after power, but would like to be loved, if she can _also_ have it. He constantly appeals to her need to be loved, whenever he needs to temper her actions in pursuit of power.

                                                                                If he didn't peg her as an evil psychopath when he first met her, he couldn't have missed it when she returned to Meereen with the Dothraki after flying away on the dragon.

                                                                                She was in no danger after help arrived in Jorah and Daario and could have escaped the Khals. But she _chose_ to stay and burn the Khals alive. Then she took all able-bodied men and horses with her leaving behind women and children with no means of survival or defence, to starve to death or be enslaved.

                                                                                Also why would she need an army of rapists, pillagers and ruthless murderers of non-combatants, including children, to build a "better world"?

                                                                                Why would she need them even to conquer Westeros? She has 3 full grown dragons and the Unsullied. Aegon the first conquered Westeros with 3 dragons and far _fewer_ soldiers. But there in lies the catch. When Drogon dumped her, after rescuing her from the Sons of Harpy, she realised she couldn't trust to be in control of dragons and needed an army that is committed to her and will strike as much terror in the hearts of those who would resist her, should that army ever enter their cities as invaders. They are not risking the lives just of those willing to fight and die, but lives of those _not_ fighting and not even capable of fighting and risk their women being raped. With a hundred thousand Dothraki fighting for her, she can intimidate into submission every city but the first one she chooses to invade.

                                                                                None of this would have been beyond Tyrion to deduce.

                                                                                When Daenerys talks about the wheel and Tyrion suggests she wants to stop it and she claims, she wants to _break_ it, Tyrion doesn't ask her what she means by it. He knows exactly what she means by it. She intends to _wipe out_ any house the _could_ stand in opposition to her.

                                                                                When Tyrion suggests Daenerys should try to take King's Landing with Westerosi armies, he was manipulating her need to be loved. Daenerys knows that love is the last thing she can expect from the people of King's Landing if she gains the throne using her dragons or the Dothraki. But if she gains the throne and possibly some love, why not? From Tyrion's point of view, this is an opening to convince her to just stop the wheel i.e. take the throne, not break it i.e. wipe out potential resistance. After all, if the various Westerosi houses are fighting on her side _before_ she takes the Iron Throne, where is the need for wiping them out after she takes it? His suggesting they take Casterly Rock with the Unsullied, simultaneously accomplishes two things. First it proves to Daenerys that he is completely on her side. Why else would he ask her first attack be on his own home castle? Second, he makes sure the non-combatants are not hurt, because the Dothraki are not involved.

                                                                                But when Cersei outsmarts him, surrenders Casterly Rock, but captures two of Daenerys's new allies and takes High Garden and kills Olenna Tyrell, Tyrion's plans go awry.

                                                                                Was it a stupid plan by Tyrion? Not in the least. He knew Casterly Rock wouldn't be heavily guarded, since no Lannisters are there. He was right about that too. He couldn't have known about Euron's capabilities before then, that Cersei was looking for any excuse to sack High Garden and loot its gold to repay the Iron Bank or that the Tarlies would betray the Tyrells. Even if he had known/suspected any of those, what could he have done? Ask Daenerys to protect these allies from Cersei, so that they could provide troops that would later defeat Cersei by themselves? How convincing would _that_ be? Just because a plan failed because of circumstances beyond one's control, doesn't make it a bad or stupid plan to begin with.

                                                                                Next, we come to Tyrion's plan to capture an undead person to demonstrate to Cersei to get her to postpone the squabbles among the living until the undead are defeated. That is, prima facie, a mind bogglingly stupid plan, if that was the objective.

                                                                                First he doesn't even bother to enquire how easy or difficult it is to capture an undead person. Anyone who spent any time with Jon, would know that he is not a very bright guy and volunteering information about the ease or difficulty of an operation is not something that would occur to him. Even if Tyrion didn't know Jon well enough to realise that, it was stupid not to have asked Jon. He does not even grill Jon on how _many_ undead there are and how Jon expects the undead to cross the wall. Jon would have replied that they should be breaking down the gates of the tunnel, just like the free folk tried before they died and were raised later by the Night King (Jon wouldn't know that they can't approach the wall because of magic, that was hinted at by Uncle Benjen only to Bran). If that conversation had taken place, the obvious solution would be to close the tunnel (which idea occurred to Jon to prevent invasion by the wildlings before he was Lord Commander of Night's Watch, but which never occurred to him after becoming the Lord Commander and rescuing all the free folk he could). If that is the solution, it will involve nothing from Daenerys or Cersei.

                                                                                Second, even if they demonstrated the existence of the undead to Cersei, how would that demonstrate their numbers i.e. the _scale_ of the threat they posed, especially when it could be addressed by something as simple as regular fire?

                                                                                How could Tyrion be so stupid as not to have thought of these?

                                                                                What if he _did_ think of them, but _chose_ to do what he did anyway? What would justify that?

                                                                                Tyrion was trying hard to ensure Daenerys won't attack King's Landing with either the dragons or the Dothraki. The undead sample collection was not intended to convince Cersei, but to convince Daenerys to promise to come to the rescue of the North. Daenerys wasn't herself convinced by Jon's claims. But that part was arranged much easier by asking Jon to join her in aerial survey which would not only the show her the undead, but the scale of the threat as well. But that would still not stop her from taking King's Landing with her dragons and the Dothraki. She could take King's Landing and then go to support the North in stopping the Night King. The _only_ thing that would stop her from deferring that decision to take King's Landing immediately was to get Cersei to agree to join the fight against the undead and the minimum required for that was a sample. Tyrion wasn't stupid to believe a sample of the undead would convince Cersei to join the fight against the undead, but he was confident he could convince her to lie, which is what happened.

                                                                                So what could Tyrion's game plan have been with respect to the undead? Once he got Daenerys to postpone the attack on King's Landing and she committed to the defence of the North against the undead and Jon committed to support her claim to the throne, _then_ Tyrion could propose the actual solution i.e. close the tunnel. With that problem out of the way, she could take King's Landing with the Northern army and Unsullied supported by her dragons. Cersei won't stand a chance. If King's Landing needed to be invaded, it can be done using the Northern army and the Unsullied, not Dothraki.

                                                                                But if Tyrion had grilled Jon and proposed the easy solution to the threat of the undead, closing the tunnel, Jon would have no reason to seek Daenerys's support and hence no reason to pledge North's support for her cause, leaving her to invade King's Landing with the dragons and Dothraki, exactly what Tyrion wanted to avoid. So he _had_ to come out with what appeared to be a stupid plan, precisely because he was extremely clever.

                                                                                But as things turned out, the plan ended up donating a dragon to the Night King, which means he could breach the wall anywhere he pleased and closing the tunnel was no longer a protection from the undead.


                                                                              • Conscious Being
                                                                                Conscious Being  4 days back

                                                                                ...Contd 2

                                                                                What if the Night King's objective was to make a deal with the ruler of Westeros that ensures humans stay off his realm, North of the wall? But to ensure his counterparty to the deal implements it earnestly, he has to 1. Showcase his abilities, 2. Prove he is not interested in unnecessarily killing humans and 3. Demonstrate his counterpart has no _choice_ , but accept the deal on the Night King's terms.

                                                                                What terms of the deal would make Daenerys sacrifice herself and die by Jon's hand? A condition demanding that, as a repentance for past transgressions (expelling humans i.e. free folk to the North of the wall and violating similar agreement reached in the past) and as a reminder to the future rulers not to break the deal, the ruler must _sacrifice_ the one they love most, by their own hand or order, to seal the deal. Similar condition was imposed on Azor Ahai and he sealed the deal by sacrificing the love of his life, Nissa Nissa, by his hand to end the Long Winter and bring light, leading to the embellished legend that he killed her to forge a sword called Light Bringer (a completely retarded idea, plunging swords into the hearts of loved ones to forge them, in the _hope_ of defeating enemies with it, anyway).

                                                                                That is a completely justified condition for the Night King to impose. Unless breaking the deal could have a personal cost to the ruler interested in making another, there is not much incentive for them to adhere to the one already made. Even Long Winter is not incentive enough for rulers to adhere it. After all, most of the cost of the Long Winter is paid for by the people, not rulers. That the Night King could kill everyone he chooses to _or_ bring an unending winter, as per _his_ choice, if there is no deal and making a new deal after breaking the last one would _personally_ cost the ruler heavily, will be incentive enough to expect them to do everything possible to honour it.

                                                                                But does it mean Jon becomes the King after Daenerys learns of his heritage and decides to kill her in cold blood to save the realm? Why wouldn't he instead abdicate the throne to her and _he_ die by her hand to save the realm? Jon killing a harmless Daenerys in cold blood, even if she is begging him to do it, to save the realm from the Night King would be so disappointing that he killing her in the most dishonourable way imaginable to save the realm from _her_ , would be several times times more satisfying and convincing.

                                                                                But it doesn't have to be so unconvincing and unsatisfactory. Situation can be engineered in such a way that it is absolutely convincing and satisfying in a tragic way.


                                                                              • Conscious Being
                                                                                Conscious Being  5 days back

                                                                                ...Contd 1

                                                                                If the show runners decided to portray Daenerys as reformed, who could the principal antagonist be?

                                                                                While Cersei's evil nature has been quite established, her _capabilities_ , unlike Daenerys's, are extremely limited. She couldn't hurt everyone in Westeros even if she wanted to. Cersei as the principal antagonist looks very underwhelming, unless she decides to blow up King's Landing using wildfire rather than give up the throne. Even if she tried that, it is unlikely any of the protagonists will be able to stop her doing that unless she is stupid enough to announce it in the presence of one of them, which we can expect she won't. So either Cersei commits the biggest atrocity she could ever commit without any ability left to repeat it and dies in the process, while none of the protagonists can do anything to stop it or she is killed before she could commit it. Both rather underwhelming.

                                                                                How about the Night King as the principal antagonist? He sure has the capability to wipe out all the living and add them to the ranks of his undead army. But his motivations to do so are rather doubtful. He had thousands of years to do that to the free folk, yet only during the story's timeline do we see him attempting that. He had an explicit understanding with Craster not to harm him or his family, provided Craster would give up all the male babies to him as soon as they were born, a difficult sacrifice to make, no doubt, but hardly the behaviour of someone who posed an existential threat to all of humanity, mindlessly killing them using his army of the undead. True, few know exactly what his motivations are, but that doesn't necessarily make him evil. There is some evidence to show that it is possible to make a deal with him and be left alone as long as one adheres to the deal. Of course, it couldn't possibly be the same deal Craster struck extended to everyone in Westeros, because that will mean the elimination of all humans from Westeros, because if all male babies are given up, eventually there will be no men left to reproduce, unless they keep importing men from Essos just to do that job. Even that may not be a bad option, if the only other alternative is everyone dying.

                                                                                Here it must be mentioned that the concept of killing the Night King in the story's timeline is mind bogglingly stupid. If anything available to characters in the story's timeline was sufficient to kill him, he should have not existed in the story's timeline, since the same would have been available to those prior to them and he should have been long dead. Even the Azor Ahai prophesy doesn't cut it. How would a reborn Azor Ahai be able to permanently end the threat of Long Winter/Night King/White Walkers when the first Azor Ahai couldn't (if the first Azor Ahai permanently eliminated the threat of Long Winter/Night King/White Walkers, it couldn't exist in the story's timeline)? If the Night King had any kind of vulnerability, why would he be stupid enough to expose himself when he had an army of White Walkers with the same powers as himself to raise the dead? Whatever his objective was, why wouldn't he send some of his White Walkers to accomplish that? How would they kill him, if he doesn't even show up?

                                                                                Bran's guess about the Night King's objective was the stupidest imaginable. If the Night King were exclusively after the 3ER, what existential threat does _that_ pose to the rest of the Weseerosi? Given that Westeros never had a 3ER living among them, had no idea what he represents or why they should care about him, why would anyone risk the lives of _all_ Westerosi/Northerners, including women and children, especially when they had no idea if and how they could defeat this adversary? Why wouldn't they place the 3ER in an empty castle up North or even at the wall and let only those willing to die defending him be there to fight the undead/Night King?

                                                                                If the show writers decided to present Night King as someone who couldn't be killed and can be made deals with to be left alone, which would be completely consistent with the evidence presented till the end of Season 7 and logical, Night King ceases to be the principal antagonist.

                                                                                So we would be back to Cersei as the principal antagonist, however underwhelming it may be. But it doesn't necessarily have to be underwhelming. Cersei could be the evil Queen trying to blow up King's Landing and thwarted in that effort by the _Night King_ bringing a snow storm that puts it out and saves the people, _demonstrating_ he is _not_ after killing everyone living.

                                                                                How could the show writers achieve that and still manage to get Daenerys to die by Jon's hand?


                                                                            • Daenerys was just Remodeling

                                                                              Do Westworld!!

                                                                              • Ranking Factory Review

                                                                                Nice video, thank you.

                                                                                • countys32
                                                                                  countys32  7 days back

                                                                                  I agree with you 100% with regards to Bran.

                                                                                  • jumpyg1258
                                                                                    jumpyg1258  7 days back

                                                                                    The Night King was a hero trying to save humanity from the true villain of the show Bran.

                                                                                    • Sunny Morgan
                                                                                      Sunny Morgan  7 days back

                                                                                      Bran couldn't die because he held the history of all men. Arya couldn't just kill him for the surprise 🤔

                                                                                      • Darius Loera
                                                                                        Darius Loera  1 weeks back

                                                                                        A man was very disappointed with the last 3 episodes of the show.

                                                                                        • Darius Loera
                                                                                          Darius Loera  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Sucks that D&D rushed the damn show such rich lore that and story arcs they could've taken advantage of but didnt. I binged this show in a span of 3 weeks being that I was watching other shows. I agree with many points here. The idea of Arya in Bran's chair to fool the Night King to deliver the killing blow would've been far better. The damn Night King was able to react fact enough to catch Arya in mid air but not fast enough in reacting to getting shanked up? That annoyed the hell outta me.

                                                                                          • saintz2k7
                                                                                            saintz2k7  1 weeks back

                                                                                            He's mentioned that he watched the show in 'a few weeks' like 20 times in 3minutes

                                                                                            • Jimmy Bartz
                                                                                              Jimmy Bartz  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Holy ads Batman

                                                                                              • Devran Donmez
                                                                                                Devran Donmez  1 weeks back

                                                                                                Why would bran sacrifice himself so arya stark can kill the night king, the goal is to keep bran alive because his the memory of westeros